Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Yapee Dog Gone...

Boo hoo hooo. We left our daughter's new backpack on the plane when we got off at Guangzhou (I forgot to mention this earlier). We remembered before we left the airport. The plane was still there but the cleaning crew couldn't find it.

Goodbye Yapee Dog! Goodbye Donkey! Goodbye pink-and-white Mary Jane sandal (we have your mate to remember you by) Goodbye Barbie Doll and finger puppets and saddest of all, goodbye photo album. We have another photo album exactly like you at home, captions and all. However, it does not contain the several photos at the end that CHI put in of Xiao-Ling and her friends.

I must say that she has borne the loss quite stoically, unlike her mama. We left word where we'd be staying in Guangzhou so I keep hoping Yapee Dog will eventually find its way home. Stranger things have happened.

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