Monday, December 10, 2007

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

We took Xiao-Ling for her medical check this morning. It wasn't a full medical exam, just a quick once-over to make sure that she has no communicable diseases. Which she doesn't, therefore she passed with flying colors.

Afterwards, we went for a walk, passing shops with various women's names (Jennifer's, Susie's, and so on) and we picked one with the improbable name of Hebe's to do a little shopping.

We got our daughter a traditional red silk outfit, after which all the families went to lunch. While we were out and about, we passed a number of sidewalk stalls roasting and serving various meats and fishes on skewers. Beef, chicken, pig, duck, etc, all were out there for the asking.

And right across the street was America's contribution to Chinese cuisine:

You know, this really isn't fair. China gave us the soybean, tofu, pasta, and other fine dishes. What do we give them in return? The Big Mac. No wonder waistlines are expanding all over the Middle Kingdom.

Tomorrow, our agency is taking Xiao-Ling's paperwork over to the American consulate for her visa processing. Assuming all goes as planned, we will go there in person on Wednesday so we can take the citizenship oath on our daughter's behalf.

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