Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jet Lag and First Impressions

NASA controller #1: Is it AM or PM?
NASA controller #2: AM. Very, very AM.

From the movie Apollo 13
It's 12:40AM Saturday morning here in Beijing, and I can't sleep. We both crashed and slept hard for about 4-5 hours after we got to our room (so much for Shabbat services tonight!) and now I'm wide awake. I don't know whether it's jet lag - after all, my body still thinks it's 11:40AM Friday - or I'm too excited about finally meeting our daughter, or both.

In any event, Beijing is quite a place. It's very big, very crowded and very sprawled out. Once we got our passports stamped and got our bags, we met Sabrina from CHI as promised in front of the KFC and Starbucks. Yes, I know - we fly halfway around the world and we see the same things we do at home!

We have our bag packed for taking to the foster care center - paperwork, baby wipes (they're unavailable in China) for the center staff, and a couple of stuffed animals for our little one!

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